A short profile overview of an object in fashion: both its cultural origins and enumerated examples of its global reach/influence or even appropriation. Please see this example for an idea of length.

Pitch an object using the form found on the Contact Us page (link below). If it is a suitable fit, we will provide guidelines and further information if your proposal is accepted.

Rate: $240 USD for 500-800 words

The Fashion and Race Database believes in fairly compensating contributors for the time and considerable effort it takes to research and write original content for our publication. We do not currently offer payment for papers that have been written for school assignments, research that has been financially supported by outside institutions, or written work that has been published elsewhere. However, we welcome submissions of completed research to be considered for unpaid publication on The Fashion and Race Database, especially for current students, recent graduates, and early-career academicians.

Please see:  https://fashionandrace.org/database/contact/pitch/